2017 Online Summer Course

This Course is intended for the existing and past members of the CALL Digital Photography Group. The aim is for our group to continue to interact on a variety of photography subjects during the summer. It will be loosely based on Tom Ang’s latest (2017) “DK” book “Digital Photography Masterclass”, currently available at Costco for $16.95. Previous versions of the same book are also available from the Calgary Public Library.
Latest “Course Page”
July 17 “Photoshoot” Contest

The intent is to converse online about specific photography techniques in text and picture examples. I will start each page off with some examples and a general discussion on composition options and the specific techniques, and then challenge you to come up with your own examples. A few times this summer I hope to organize a photoshoot in and around Calgary to practice one or several of the techniques described in the book.

I will be adding subject specific pages under this main menu on an “irregular” basis, as I test out the subjects and techniques described in the book. So keep watching. I hope to interact “online” with all of you soon. Have a great Summer!

The first few pages have been created. “Shutter Speed” , “Depth of Field” , Quality SettingsImage Sharpness, Auto Exposure, Under Exposure, and Over Exposure. If you would like to contribute pictures and context descriptions, please do so under the “Forum” – “Open Discussion” page. After review and discussion we will then incorporate them into the course pages. Or email me