2023-11-17 Topaz Photo AI

I just purchased the Topaz Bundle, which includes Photo AI, Giga Pixel AI, Sharpen AI, and Denoise AI. As a test I have taken a number of images of the African Princess bust, which has quite a few small imperfections to test sharpness out. The camera I am using is a 50 Mega Pixel Canon 5DS.

The first set of images I took were with a 35 – 16 mm Zoom at 16 mm and as close as possible to the subject where I was still able to focus. The aperture was set at f/22 for maximum depth of field.

As you can probably see the depth of field this close to the subject shows a slight drop off in sharpness at the eye level.

After importing the image into Topaz AI it processed the image automatically, and there was quite a bit of improvement. Here are two screenshots.

In my mind a significant improvement but not overdone.

Below an experiment with Topaz Sharpen AI

This image was taken with the same lens at 16mm and f/2.8. If you click on it and enlarge it you ca see the top to lines are quite blurry.

The Topaz sharpen AI is doing a decent job on the image with the “out of focus – very blurry” model

Quite an improvement !

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