2024-04-24 Architectural Corrections Tutorial

Architectural images – Corrections with Perspective Crop Tool in Photoshop or Alignment tools in Lightroom.

Consider this image. Looking up into one of the “glass towers” at SAIT. Camera was on the floor, slightly angled and not perfectly lined up with the center of the tower. Note the light fixture not perfectly lining up with the beam it is suspended from.

This image can be easily corrected with Photoshop’s perspective crop tool and some simple selection tools AI manipulations.

First make sure you have selected perspective crop from the sidebar menu.

Next drag a rectangle over your image.

Start with the top left marker and drag it to the right. Then the top right marker by dragging it down, and then the bottom right marker and drag that to the left. The grid lines should all be parallel to the lines in the image.

Now press “Enter”, and the image should look reasonably squared.

Next, select the “magnetic” lasso tool from the sidebar menu.

Draw a circle around the “off-center” light fixture by holding the left mouse button while moving the cursor close to the perimeter of the black circle. Once you complete the circle the dotted line should “snap” into place when you release the mouse button.

Now press the CTRL and J keys simultaneously to copy the light fixture to a new layer.

Now draw a rough circle around the light fixture with the default lasso tool.

Type “Remove” in the AI dialog box and hit the Enter key or press “Generate”

In this case AI did a fabulous job, and placed a new layer on top of the background layer.

Now turn on the upper most layer where we saved the original light fixture.

Then click on the layer itself to make it active

The “Off-Set” light fixture is now visible again. Select the “Move” tool from the sidebar and move the fixture into place.

Flatten the image by going to the Layers menu and select “Flatten Image”

Crop image to center the light fixture. If you would like to try this yourself on the full size image, click here to download it.