Aperture Bracketing 2021-10-05

I often use a technique I have dubbed “Aperture Bracketing” when I am out in the field and don’t have time to fiddle with my camera’s aperture settings. I find it hard to constantly check or even think of the Depth of Field considerations. So here is a succession of images of my camera settings.

You can leave it in this mode, however I find that offsetting the exposure compensation to -1 give richer colours after post processing. (see image below)

I adjust the timing to get to a f stop I like with room on either side. If you want maximum DOF effect you can adjust the speed and ISO to lower the f stop closer to the maximum aperture your lens can handle. I typically point my camera to the scene I want to capture then adjust the speed to a reasonable number followed by the ISO setting to get the desired f stop. I typically have the camera on high speed burst, and then play with the composition and focus while firing successive bursts of 3 images. You don’t have to think about adjustments until you compose the next scene.

Once I am back at home I look at my images and then compensate the under exposed images by entering the exact exposure compensation. In this case for the -1 under exposed image I add +1 in Camera Raw. You can do this easily in any post processing software package.