Apr 23/19 Travel Photography

Moving Beyond Snapshots to Visual Imagery – By Karen McDaniel

Planning a trip takes a lot of time, attention to detail and basic logistics. Often photography is an after-thought, yet that is the primary way that we share our travel experiences.  Photographing for social media is one thing; photographing to share an experience is something else. In this session, we will talk about creating images that tell the story of your travel experience – how to plan ahead yet take advantage of unique situations. With a bit of planning and situational awareness, your pictures will move beyond snapshots to images that convey the wonder you have just experienced.

LEEF – iBridge mobile memory (external drive)



Uncornered Market

After Karen’s presentation, if there is enough time, we will do a Photoshop Elements demonstration on how to make those pesky tourists vanish from that perfect scene you are trying to capture. Here is a great YouTube demo

I have also created a “step by step” tutorial of the example below. Go to the main menu under “Post Processing” – “Photoshop Elements” – “PE Tourist Removal” or click here.

Example of “tourist interference”
Tourists removed