Apr 24, 2018 Session

April 24, 2018 CALL Digital Photography Session

Escarpment field trip to photography crocus and Calgary skyline and landscape photo stacking. If you are interested in Landscape Photography, Michael Breitung has a series of wonderful videos, both inspirational and with good technical explanations. I am particularly impressed with his tutorial on Focus Stacking for Landscape Photography. This is what we will be practicing today on the escarpment field trip.

Here are the original images from which the composite focus stack was made.


Here is the composite focus stack of Ron’s bike. This is really a very complex piece of stacking, and I think considering the complexity Photoshop did a good job.

Ron’s bike – focus stacked. Notice that the wheel spokes are not quite up-to snuff.
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Below Ron’s effort focus stacking with GIMP. I think a much better result than the automated process I used above. (No spokes missing!)