Apr 9/19 PE Focus Stacking – PE Plus Add-On

This session we will demonstrate focus stacking in Photoshop Elements proper, and we will discuss the Photoshop Elements add-on PE plus, which opens up a lot of additional functionality that is normally only available in the full blown Photoshop.

Focus Stacked- Before – After – Click to enlarge – Use Browser Back Button to return here

Focus stacking is essentially taking multiple pictures of the same subject while slightly adjusting the focus ring of your camera. Some cameras have “in-camera” focus stacking. What we will discuss here is Focus Stacking in editing software during post processing.

Here are some practice files from the Feb 2018 session on macro photography. Click on the “Link” will open the practice image on your screen, which you can then save to your hard drive by right clicking and performing a “save as”
Weevil-01 Link
Weevil-02 Link
Weevil-03 Link
Weevil-04 Link
Weevil-05 Link
Weevil-06 Link
Weevil-07 Link
For the actual weevil focus stack tutorial, click here

The tool we will be using is in the PE editor under “Guided” – “Photomerge Scene Cleaner” this tool can also be used to clean up unwanted tourists in your holiday pictures. During the session several participants asked about the tourist removal feature. Here is the link

During the second hour we will discuss how to micro adjust your camera during picture taking.

Here are some tutorials on YouTube:

If you want to submit your focus stacking, ask questions or try tourist removal, you can do so below in the comment/submission section.

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