April 18, 2017 Session

This was the last “Winter” session of the 2017 CALL Digital Photography course. I wanted to thank everyone for their photo submissions and input. The original April 18, 2017 Session page was lost due to a website crash, and a restore from 2 weeks back. So here is my recollection of our session.

We discussed the composition and technical merits of the weekly challenge submissions – “Far Away” – “Macro” – “On the Ground”

There was a further discussion on the changes to the website. The “Forum” section was discussed and the new Gallery software. Suggestions were made for expanding the Forum section, and a number of books were circulated. Notably Tom Ang’s Digital Photography Masterclass book that is currently available at Costco for a very reasonable price.

Summer activities were discussed regarding potential Photoshoots, as well as online website based activities. Tom Ang’s masterclass subjects were considered as potential forum assignments and discussion.

For the practice session I brought two “Depth of Field” camera / lens calibration tools that can easily be built from self adhesive Foam Core Board. A camera was hooked up in “Live View” to demonstrate. Click here for the original web page with construction instructions.