April 7/20 Street Photography

This Online Session will be about Street Photography. Frankie Thornhill will talk about her career as a news photographer and about her passion for street photography. She has prepared a number of images for discussion purposes. This online session will consist of a short presentation followed by an open discussion on street photography. I will prepare an number of images by famous street photographers. We encourage participants to submit their own favourite images on this subject for discussion. Please email them to me or post them below.

Click here for Frankie’s gallery of street photography

16 Responses to April 7/20 Street Photography

  1. Henri Walhout says:

    To start things off, here is a street scene from 2017 at a jazz festival in the Netherlands, taken by a old school buddy Han Hulsebos.

  2. Ron says:

    I was in Ottawa on Remembrance Day last year and had a front row vantage point to capture this march past.

  3. Ron says:

    Sofia, Bulgaria, September 4, 2018. Unfortunately the quality is not great, but I think it is a very interesting street scene.

  4. della says:

    not too enthusiastic for the walk

  5. della says:

    Spanish singer

  6. della says:

    damsel in distress

  7. della says:

    deep in conversation

  8. della says:

    young monks with camera and cell phone

  9. della says:

    watching the dance

  10. Sherryl says:

    Empty street photography

  11. Sherryl says:

    Hearse, Granada, Nicaragua

  12. Sherryl says:

    Thailand. Nothin but a monk and his dog

  13. Sherryl says:

    A quiet Tokyo Saturday

  14. Sherryl says:

    A quiet Tokyo Saturday. This time with the image.

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