The pages below this Menu Header are intended for photographic inspiration and further artistic expression. The intent is to highlight composition, design and artistic post processing of photographs. Digital software manipulation with Adobe and Corel Products, such as Adobe InDesign, Corel Draw and Painter will also be part of this exploration. A separate section will be assigned for traditional paint and drawing media.

Here is an example of a tree branch with an interesting “swirl” in its bark that caught my attention. Beyond the standard editing tools, such as contrast and levels tools, Photoshop Elements and CS6 have several artistic filters in their repertoire to “enhance” this picture.

Below I have used the “Graphic Pen” filter, which has just a few controls, such as pencil stroke length, light/dark balance and pencil stroke direction. In this case “right diagonal”

Below the actual settings on the Photoshop CS6 filter control panel.

Click on the image to enlarge,
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Below the same Filter Gallery screen in Photoshop Elements. As far as I can see there is no difference between the two packages. Except that I had to convert the image to grayscale before I could open it with the “Graphic Pen” filter.

And then of course there is the actual pencil drawing filtered through the human brain.

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  1. Diane N says:

    This is an example of a meme. It’s a new way to put my photography to work, and an extension of the calendar project I put together for my friends and family. The photos are mine, but most of the sayings come from things I’ve read or seen on Facebook. I credit the author, if I know who it is, and then turn around and post the finished product on Facebook myself. I don’t know if it is a concept you think the club would enjoy, but I thought I’d give you an example.

  2. Diane N says:

    This is another picture of that car and how it is ‘dutched.’

  3. Diane N says:

    Meme #2

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