Dec 11/18 Christmas Detail and Lights

This informal session will have a Christmas and New Years theme. There will be lots of opportunity to discuss cameras, photography and take pictures of holiday themed props with a special emphasis on Bokeh.

Whoville photography practice model


Barbershop Village practice model.

Christmas Bows on Black Velvet.

Bokeh Example.
Bring your own ornament and try out Bokeh.

Another Bokeh example

Christmas Street Scene

Bokeh Ball Christmas Tree

More Bokeh from a string of Christmas lights.

Bokeh Friends

For those of you who are interested in more advanced flash photography techniques, Jim has a really neat experiment ready for you to try.

Flash photography trick #1 – Freeze motion at the beginning of the time exposure.

Flash photography trick #2 – Freeze motion at the end of the time exposure


10 Responses to Dec 11/18 Christmas Detail and Lights

  1. Henri says:

    I did not take a decent picture at the meeting today, but here is one from my home studio, showing what can be done with a basic image and some editing in photoshop

  2. Henri says:

    Experimenting with Christmas ornaments in front of the Christmas tree.

  3. Henri says:

    Here is take 2. I did not like the subdued colour of the little blue jay, and decided to light the subject better while diminishing the background bokeh. I like take 2 better.

  4. Della Ho says:

    my attempt at Bokeh

  5. Della Ho says:

    this is not exactly bokeh but the reflections make a nice pattern

  6. Henri says:

    Here is another Cricut project on the Christmas decoration theme.

  7. Henri says:

    Christmas Eve Village

  8. Henri says:

    Christmas Eve Village – Second Try

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