Dec 12, 2017 Session

The Christmas Bokeh Session is now open for submissions. Over this season, give it a try. There are many places with Christmas lights right now. Of note is “Zoo Lights” and Confederation Park in the N.W. My wife and I are planning to go see the Zoo at night and will post as soon as as I have images available.

Enjoy the Christmas season!

This session will be more of a social gathering with some Christmas treats, coffee and tea. We will review the submissions and sessions past. We would like your feedback and ideas for the Winter session that will run from late January till May. For the second half there will be an opportunity to practice your “Bokeh” skills.

Jim’s Christmas Bokeh example

Below an example of a small object on a very simple “stage”. I placed the Christmas ornament on a black lacquered coffee table and strung some Christmas lights over a black cloth about 1 meter from the table. The camera was placed about 30 cm from the object on a tripod and focused on the ornament. I then experimented with the aperture settings and exposure time to get reasonably sized Bokeh from the Christmas lights. Notice that the foreground popcorn basket is slightly out of focus. It was impossible to get everything in focus, as close up photography has very shallow depth of field. A possible depth of field improvement is only achieved with “focus stacking”, which is what I will try later.

4 Responses to Dec 12, 2017 Session

  1. Diana says:

    Outdoor bokeh: Where I stood, relative to the subject and the lights was critical to getting proper bokeh. Having the ornament to focus on was extremely helpful.

  2. Diana says:

    Indoor bokeh: This was easier since I had household lights to illuminate my subject (I don’t have a flash) but I wanted the lighting to be low overall.

  3. Bill says:

    Directional snoot on a manual set to 1/128 power GN 60 hand held speedlite. It was difficult to get no light spilling onto the back window behind the lights giving the rounded bokeh lights as seen using a Sony lens. ISO 2000, ss 1/160, Aperture 2.8 on 50 mm APS-C f/1.8 lens.

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