Dec 3/18 Holiday Photography Course #2

This is the submission page for the second session of the “Photographing the Holidays” course with Barb Kreutter. This session will be “Hands On” so I hope there will be a lot of online submissions.  If you have trouble uploading or sizing images to 800 pixels wide just email them to me or Barb at

Christmas street made and photographed by my wife last year.

At today’s session I got very disappointing results, mainly because the batteries for the lights had run down too much. We tried to light up the scene with a sting of old Christmas lights but with poor results. I would be interested to see what the others got out of this scene. Below my results, taken at the photography session at Rosedale.


12 Responses to Dec 3/18 Holiday Photography Course #2

  1. Dave Arnold says:

    deliberate movement —- twisted in post

  2. dave arnold says:

    deliberate out of focus

  3. dave arnold says:

    a soldier backlit on a grey day

  4. Henri says:

    Bokeh balls. Here are two version of the same Christmas tree, taken at today’s session, one with Auto White Balance the second with Fluorescent White Balance. Quite a difference in background.

  5. Henri says:

    Large Bokeh Balls

  6. Bill says:

    These manufactured trees were shot over several days with sun shade and blue sky. In the end this full night exposure with TTL on camera flash looked the best to me.

  7. Bill says:

    This house display is on a home near ours. The owner mounts lights on commercial buildings in Calgary and throughout the Bow Valley using a boom truck and a knuckle extension that can get up to 50 m high and out 33 m to the side using a truck resembling a fire hook and ladder truck with large extension feet.
    I really like the blue light effect. It was shot 12 minutes before twilight.

  8. Henri says:

    Well done Bill. The blue hour adds definition and interest to the image.

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