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This page is intended for the CALL Digital Photography group members who wish to present their post processing techniques. The idea is to upload an original “straight out of the camera” image, followed by the final edited image. Two or three intermediate images showing different aspects of the editing process would be helpful. Each original image should be accompanied by descriptions on how the original image was taken and why. The other intermediate or final image descriptions should contain information about the editing process. The how and most importantly the why.

I would like to encourage those who submit images on this page to do a short interactive video presentation at our next Zoom meeting. I can transfer the video feed and control to another meeting participant, who then can operate their own software on their own computer to demonstrate while we watch and discuss. Alternatively we can just talk about the images on this page and have just a discussion rather than a full video demonstration.

The images and descriptions on this page are for our members to review between Zoom meetings. Hopefully these images will inspire others towards similar photography projects. We would like you to think about it and generate questions for the discussion at the next Zoom meeting.

During our next Zoom meeting, on February 23, Ron will show us how he manages and enhances images in Apple Photos and GIMP.

In this demonstration Ron shows how he organizes his images using the Apple Photos software and provides an example of how he typically uses the product to enhance his photos. He also demonstrates how the software can launch other post processing software tools that can provide additional image manipulation capabilities above and beyond what Apple Photos can offer. In this case, he uses the free software package GIMP. Below are the “before” and “after” images followed by the full video demonstration.

Original Image
Processed Image

Below the full demo video.

During our Zoom meeting, on February 9, Jim will show us how to transform a mediocre image to a beautiful sharp image you can be proud of.

At first sight this is a beautifully lit image of a bald eagle taking off against a dark forest. On closer inspection the eagle itself is not as sharp as it could have been with proper focusing. In wildlife photography the rapidly evolving sequence of events makes this a common problem. Yet there is something that can be done in post processing software.

Click on the images for a larger format, use the browser back button to return here.

Jim’s Feb 9 presentation

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