Fall 2017 Course

CALL Digital Photography – Fall 2017

This interest group will hold a series of informal “get-togethers” to provide attendees with new photographic skills as well as an incentive to improve through practice.  All skill levels are welcome.  The only requirements are a digital camera and a willingness to experiment.  The content will focus on  photography aesthetics, and will include basic technical instruction, plus many opportunities to practice.

We will discuss composition from a practical perspective using photographs taken primarily in and around Calgary as examples.   Photography is mostly about the physical object or subject that interests you, and the many ways of approaching and capturing it. Discussions will include the principles of “Balance”, “Leading Lines”, “Contrast”, “Depth of Field” and several other approaches. These photographic principles will be practiced during short field trips. Later in the season, when the weather is too cold, we will hold indoor practice sessions such as portrait and flash photography.

Most photographs taken these days are digital, and digital manipulation after the photo is taken is an excellent way to achieve satisfying results. We will discuss this “post processing” for several editing programs, including the native “Preview” and “Photos” (Apple Mac platform) and  “Photos” (Microsoft Windows 10).   We will also cover the basics of the more advanced commercial programs such as Photoshop Elements and Lightroom,  as well as a free software program called Gimp. All of these software packages are available for Apple IOS and Microsoft Windows.

As the fall session progresses,  course material and participant feedback will be posted here. This website is open to all CALL members, and participation in our weekly photo challenge is encouraged.

The 2017 CALL Digital Photography Fall session will be held on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month, starting September 12.

Location: Rosedale Community Centre 901 – 11th Ave N.W.  Beugin Hall (upstairs)

Time: 1:00 to 3:00 pm

Dates: Sept. 12 and 26, Oct 10 and 24, Nov.  14 and 28, and Dec. 12

The digital photography interest group will be facilitated by three experienced shutterbugs:

Henri Walhout is an experienced photographer whose focus is on nature, both landscape and wildlife. He has kept pace with current equipment and software.

Bill Stilwell is an experienced photographer with a good knowledge of photo editing on the Mac platform.

Jim Springer has been an amateur photographer for 40 years. He is well versed in all types of photography, but prefers portrait, landscape and wildlife photography.