Fall 2019 Course

We are just about to start the CALL Digital Photography fall sessions on Tuesday September 24, at the Rosedale Community Centre, Beugin Hall (upstairs). 901 – 11th Ave N.W.

This series of 6 sessions, Sept 24; Oct 8, 22; Nov 12 & 26; Dec 10, will run from 1:00 till 3:00 pm.

The intent of this Fall course is to continue to build better technical camera and software image processing skills, while developing an eye for composition. It sounds like a “Mission Statement” for a corporation. It is however very true for our group. We have a diverse membership with a wide range of photography skills. For beginners our group provides an environment to practice the basics and ask questions. For more advanced members it provides an opportunity to offer advice, hone skills and be challenged by comparing images with others in the group. Our meetings are predominantly informal. The first hour is typically spent on the review of online submissions, followed by a small “how to” presentation. The second hour is typically spent on practical photography where we provide props to practice your camera skills on. Weather permitting we also go outside for camera skill practice. Our website is used for image submissions and online discussion. Several tutorials can also be found here. We will build new tutorials as questions arise during our meetings.