Feb 12/19 Course Challenge

Here is a challenge to get to know your camera and to get comfortable with the software fixes when your camera lets you down.
With winter all around us and lots of white snow in bright sunlight, the camera is easily fooled. Often you get dull grey subjects on a field of bright snow. Try automatic exposure and then try playing around with manual exposure, pushing the camera to over expose.
Once you have downloaded your images on your computer try to fix them in Photoshop Elements or your software of choice.
I will go out today and take some example pictures. I will then do a tutorial on this web page on how to “fix” them. I would be interested to see your results. If you don’t feel comfortable uploading them, just email the before and after pictures to me.


Here is an image I took Wednesday on a walk around the block near Marda Loop, looking at infill houses on the south side of the street. I had the camera on “evaluative metering”, which takes the whole picture screen in consideration. As you can see the bright sky caused the houses to be somewhat underexposed.

Below is the corrected, cloned, perspective cropped image. As you can see there are now some very over exposed areas above the roof line. This image was “fixed” with the white dropper tool in the “Levels” option under “Adjust Lighting” in Photoshop Elements.

6 Responses to Feb 12/19 Course Challenge

  1. della says:

    original photo ISO 10056MM1/80F14

  2. della says:

    I was not successful using level alone. there were many areas of clipping in the snow after . I had to go back to Lightroom to adjust the white and highlight.

  3. della says:

    this is close to the original

  4. della says:

    adjusted in Lightroom for white, dark , and shadow , removed the small plant

  5. Donna Fraser says:

    I am submitting a photo taken under poor indoor light conditions where I was experimenting with/without flash and film speeds.This is a very grainy due to ISO of 3200. (f/16,1/8 sec,60mm)

  6. Donna Fraser says:

    I attempted to fix the underexposure with light ajustment in photoshop.Surprised how much It improved the cat subject (I realize this photo is not great but interesting exercise nontheless)Background still needs work as its now overexposed.

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