Frank Lake


Frank Lake, 6 km east of High River (Click on image to enlarge)


White faced ibis, Frank Lake

July 27, 2016 – Visited the shelter this morning for an hour or so. Not a whole lot of activity. Saw some american coots, a few ibises flying in the distance, ducks stayed away.

Some facts about the White Faced Ibis, taken from the Smithsonian webpage of the National Zoological Park. The white faced ibis is a medium sized bird 45 to 55 cm tall weighing 450 to 550 grams, with rich brown plumage with metallic highlights on the back and wing shoulders. The skin of the legs is dark grey most of the year, but changes to deep red (maroon) during the breeding season. Breeding adults have red eyes. Juveniles have brown eyes and streaks of dirty white and pale brown feathers in their plumage. This species of ibis is hard to distinguish from the Glossy Ibis. The White Faced Ibis has a thin band of white feathers around the bare skin around the eyes. This is most prominent during the breeding season. Males and females are identical in appearance. Juveniles reach sexual maturity in their second year. They inhabit natural wetlands as well as irrigated and flooded agricultural land. Their long sensitive bills are used to “feel” for prey, which is typically invertebrates and small fish.



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  1. Barbara L Amos says:

    I’ve heard about Frank Lake and look forward to a visit sometime in the spring. Thanks for the shots of the Ibis. I didnt realize that they came through this area.

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