Installing GIMP

Downloading and installing GIMP is quite easy. First determine your computer operating system (OS). Then download the correct GIMP installer for your operating system. Finally “run” it.
The link to the GIMP download page is: GIMP install web page .

The default page shows the download buttons for the Windows operating system. If you have a MAC, click the “OS X” link above the download buttons. Depending on your computer operating system, take note of the location of the downloaded file, and once it has downloaded “Run” (double click) it. The newer operating systems will ask you if you want to “Run” it after it has downloaded. The program installed flawlessly for me, and I was able to start it from the program selection menu without any problems. I have done some ad-hoc photo manipulation tests, and so far, have found it to be quite intuitive. I am quite impressed.

If you decide to try it, I’d appreciate hearing your opinion. If you have problems, I welcome comments or questions. You can do so at the bottom of this page.


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