Jan 24, 2017 Session

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Our first winter session, last Tuesday January 24, was well attended, with eleven participants. The first hour was spent with introductions, a presentation and discussion. The presentation was on general composition. We discussed the problem of distracting elements. I find that in virtually every picture I take, there are always several distracting elements that I cannot avoid. We discussed how to minimize these distractions by positioning and dealing with unavoidable problems through software editing. For a PDF of the presentation click here.

The second hour was spent on practicing “depth of field” by setting the camera in “A” (Aperture Preference) mode. This allows the photographer to concentrate on manually setting the Aperture while the camera figures out the rest of the settings. During the practice session, I did not take any pictures myself. I was busy helping others figure out their cameras. If you still have a picture of the experiment setup at Rosedale, please post it, or email it to me, so I can post it on this page.

I totally forgot to bring the props for the Shutter Speed preference exercise. We will do that next session. I think most of us probably were kept busy enough trying “A” mode.

Assignment: Try to photograph some objects in Aperture Preference (A) mode. Then resize the JPG picture width to less than 800 pixels wide and upload it. The idea is to get the subject sharp while the background is fuzzy. This is normally achieved by setting your aperture to maximum size ( lowest number ). If you have problems resizing or uploading, just email the picture to me and I will post it on the web page. For inspiration have a look at this Google Search for Depth of Field Photography Examples


Example of maximum aperture (lowest number) in Aperture Preference (A) mode
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Jan 24, 2017 Itinerary:

  • Henri Walhout and Bill Stillwell, the facilitators, will introduce themselves, give a short overview of last year’s course, and describe the proposed content for the winter session.
  • Participants will be encouraged to introduce themselves, and to provide a short background of their photographic experience, and their expectations for this interest group.
  • Overview of the Photography website “boomerartist.ca” and some general photography resources on the web including the Calgary Public Library.
  • A PowerPoint presentation on “In Camera Composition” and basic editing using Photoshop Elements will be followed by a discussion on Shutter Speed and Aperture Preference.
  • A mid-meeting break will provide an opportunity to move cars parked in the 1-hour parking zone.
  • The meeting will conclude with a Practice Session, allowing participants to use their cameras in “S” (Shutter Preference) and “A” (Aperture Preference) mode. Props provided are a slow spinning world globe, a fast spinning top and a long steel ruler with colored pin markers. Variable lighting conditions for the spinning props are provided by two LED floodlights.




8 Responses to Jan 24, 2017 Session

  1. Shauna says:

    Although this picture wasn’t taken with the maximum sized aperture of my lens, the distance from the icicles to the trees made for good depth of field.

    • Henri says:

      Wow, what an interesting, artistic shot Shauna. A good example of depth of field, with the background out of focus. Well done.

  2. Dave Arnold says:

    a Red Squirrel today —- he or she scampered off before I could recompose and get all of the tail. Aperture Priority at f 6.3 . This was a bonus shot before getting back into the car after spending half an hour or so shooting an owl.

    • Henri says:

      Great shot Dave, you have to be quick, no time to second guess. I like the color similarity between the fur and the out of focus background. It sort of creates a balance, with the grey post as the fulcrum. Too bad you could not get the tail.

  3. Bill says:

    Good Job Dave. I see the rodent is extremely well in focus and the background is blurred to the point of no interest whatsoever. Can you tell us the f stop for the shot?

  4. Ruth says:

    Foreground out of focus.

  5. Ruth says:

    Background out of focus.

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