Landscape Tour 01

This tour runs from Calgary west along highway 1a (Crowchild trail) to Cochrane then north along highway 22 to Sundre and back to Calgary south along highway 766. This is an easy day trip that could be cut short by taking any one of the east – west connectors between hwy 22 and 766. I found hwy 22 a bit busy and turned off on several side roads to park the car and assemble my equipment. Hwy 766 is a very quiet country road and finding places to pull off the road is much easier. Vistas are stunning!


Landscape Tour 01

May 22, 2017 – Went for a short photoshoot along route 766 – and then returned via hwy 580 to Cremona and then hwy 22 via Cochrane back to Calgary. Beautiful clear day with the Rocky Mountain front ranges still with snow. We found a couple of nice places for landscape photography. (See map further down for exact locations )

Photoshoot Location 1 – on route 766 just north of hwy 567 (Bill Hill Springs Road)
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I liked this slightly enhanced picture for the diagonal leading line dividing the land roughly in half. The texture of the dominant surfaces split the image nicely. The stockade is in the bottom left 1/3 as a focal point. The fence line leads the eye to the top right area of the picture where the strong contrasting line of the white Rockies leads the eye back to the left of the picture. The enhancement made was the removal of some distracting clouds. I also found that, unless there is a compelling foreground, a 100 mm lens is best for these types of landscapes. With a 50 mm or 35 mm lens the mountain background almost disappears.

Location map for May 22, 2017 Photoshoot
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Photoshoot Location 2
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This shot was significantly enhanced with the Photoshop Levels tool. I really like the gravel road dividing the landscape and pointing into the distance. This image is about leading lines guiding the eye, and dividing up the different surfaces.

Photoshoot Location 3 – Just north of Cochrane on hwy 22
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Again in this shot I liked the leading lines of the berm leading the eye to the notch cut in the hill for highway 22. I liked the gentle curve of the road. The right and the left hand of the image are roughly balanced on the notch left of the highway.


July 12, 2016. The canola fields are now in full bloom.


Canola field near Cremona on highway 22


Canola field, corner of highway 27 and 766 looking west


Same picture but brightened 2 full stops. The iPad seems to display this better