Lightroom 6 cloning

Quick tutorial on removing unwanted elements from a picture.

Well, I finally am getting around writing something in this tutorial page. I don’t know if I am qualified yet. My experience was, to say the least, a bit of a “stumbling” exercise.

Here are a few images that I tried out. First the original which was submitted by Paul.

“Full Size” 6720 x 4480 pixel JPG image from Paul. You can download it to practice on. In Windows right click the mouse, on the Mac just hold the mouse a little longer for a dialog screen.

Below is my first “stumble” attempt before having a closer look at Anthony Morganti’s tutorial

First stumbling attempt at cloning in Lightroom.

So what went wrong the first time. First of all I was quite hasty and did not look at the finer nuances of the clone tool. After the first disappointing results and a closer look at the tutorial I tried again.

The Clone tools in Lightroom.