Mar 10/20 High Key and Low Key Photography

This session will be about two extreme photography art forms: High Key and Low Key Photography.

Low key is about the “Dramatic” or “Mysterious” aspects of your subject. You can do this at home by adhering to some simple considerations. It is often just a matter finding a darker background and placing the subject close to a light source, such as a window. Of course you can get more technical by draping a black cloth over a curtain rod and placing a light with the shade removed at some distance of the subject. Or you can go professional with flood lights or flash equipment and special backgrounds. No matter what equipment you have the lighting principles stay the same. Often it is the simply recognizing the potential of the environment and taking advantage of it.

High Key is about bringing out “essence” in a style that is “light” and “pleasant”. Typically the background is over exposed while the subject has little or no shadow or dark areas. This can often be achieved when you photograph against your living room sheers while highlighting your subject with one or more area lights. Of course you can make it more professional with backdrops and flash equipment. Here the same is true as with Low Key photography. Recognize the potential and take advantage of it.

I will setup some high end lighting equipment so you can experience the full range of this type of photography. From simple natural light setups to full blown flash photography. I will provide a universal radio flash trigger, so bring your camera and a tripod. Here are two videos that might trigger ideas. Click on the links for the YouTube vidoes. High Key and Low Key

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