Mar 12/19 PE Loading, Exporting, Batch-rename.


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Below some musings about Jim’s presentation on the Inverse Square Law. First the image that describes how quick light goes from bright to dark. You can take real advantage of this and make striking portraits with a larger light source in a dim room. Below an illustration with relative light intensity numbers at incremental distances.

Below Jim’s excellent example, using a 24″x 24″ light box with a strong light source, at torso level in an otherwise dimly lit room.

For the image above, I placed my 24” x 24” softbox approximately 1 – 1 ½ feet in front of the subject and centred at the height of the bump. This allowed for the rapid light fall off from the front of the bump backwards. I then desaturated the image and made slight adjustments to the highlights, whites and blacks in Adobe Camera RAW and then did a slight dodge on the front of the bump in PSE. From there I cropped the image to taste.

For the image above I used a chroma key green backdrop in hopes of replacing it with a different background but because of the subject’s position, it made her look like she was floating in air. I then decided to just try replacing the green with a different colour. In PSE, I selected “Enhance” then “Adjust Color” and finally “Replace Color” I then clicked the “Image” button (the “Selection” button is the default) then proceeded to click in the green area. From there, I adjusted the Hue slider to get the colour I was looking for then selected the eyedropper with the plus sign by it to add the different greens caused by the folds. I then clicked on the areas that were still green until all the green had been changed to the colour I wanted. I then used the cloning tool to remove the legs of the step I used to get the height for taking the photo. The result of this effort below.