Mar 13, 2018 Session

Portrait Photography and Lighting

We will start with a brief review of contributions uploaded recently to both the Macro session and challenge sites on BoomerArtist.

The remainder of time will be devoted to sharing what is necessary to have a successful portrait session. We will have some time for those who wish, to practise with their own camera so come equipped with your camera as well as a flash if you have it. We will be recruiting volunteer models. Each will be asked to sit for a short time and all images will be deleted unless the volunteer wished to keep it.

Each of the 4 ingredients: camera, light, background and model will be  dealt with independently.  Then we will conduct a “triangle experiment” to see how moving each component affects the results.

Based on the time available we will assist participants through a trial and Q&A process to hone skills in the art and science of portrait photography.

This link discusses important considerations when getting started with portrait photography. You may wish to read it as a primer to the session .

Getting started with portrait photography