Mar 24/20 Light and Shadow

Note: Due to the Corona Virus Lockdown, this session will be held “online” on Tuesday Mar 24 at 1:00 pm. An email with a link will be sent to all participants 30 minutes before this session. We will use the “Zoom” presentation platform, and those of you who have not used this online technology before will need to allow a few minutes for the software to install and configure itself.

This Digital Photography Session is a continuation of the previous session on High Key and Low key. High Key is predominantly about “Light”, while Low Key involves a focus on Shadows. This session is less extreme and focuses on the interplay of Light and Dark, although it is still more extreme than normal photography. It was inspired by an assignment from a Masterclass in Digital Photography by photographer Tom Ang. By definition all photographs are a combination of light and shadows, however by focusing your mind on light or shadow as the main subject of your image you develop an appreciation for this aspect of photography. It will spill over into other areas of your artistic photography endeavors.

Window and patterns. by Paul Fesko

Here is a great example of a simple theme. The dominant “light” aspect is over exposed circular window panes. The strong shadows give context to the walls surrounding the window. De-saturation adds to the power of this image. The well placed opposing circular and linear patterns give this image balance. A beautiful “abstract” image.

If you contemplate taking images inside your home with natural light, consider how shadows and light change during the day.

Reflection on a curved surface – By Della Ho

Here is another example of a beautiful abstract taking advantage of a curved surface reflecting a building facade.

Tree and it’s shadow – by Henri

Here is another example of shadows on a fence

Beautiful almost radial pattern of lines.

Building facade – by Paul Fesko

Great example of light and shadows

West Block Parliament Hill – by Joe

Dark patterns (Shadow) and somewhat lighter reflection (Light)

Yet another example of strong differences between light and shadow.

Sunlight shining through a glass fruit bowl – by Henri

And another example

Cowboy reflection? – Not really – by Henri

Interesting grainy picture with just a tiny bit of colour.

Colorful light and dark background – by Ray

Colourful example

Brain Corals – by Carla

Another colourful example

Intricate lines showing contrast between light and dark

Light and shadow

Pattern of light and shadow

Tree trun in a field of snow – by Della

Light and Shadow

Light and shadows with leading lines – by Owen

Beautiful example of light and shadow.

Vermilion Lakes Sunrise- by Karen

Early morning light and shadow

More light and shadow

Blue light and shadow

Creative use of light and shadow

More light than shadow against a dark background – by Paul Fesko

Low Key example

Door with subtle shadows – by Paul Fesko

Minimalistic design

Subtle light and shadows – by Ron

More subtle light and shadow

Filtered Abstract Light and Shadow

Beautiful play of light and shadow

Stark example of light and shadow

Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Architectural example

Nic Filter of tree shadow – by Shauna

Filter example of tree shadow on a fence

Soft light and shadows at Fort Edmonton – by Henri

Light and Shadow

Restaurant Lamp Shade – Three Hills Alberta – by Henri

Play of light through a lamp shade.

Curved ad straight surfaces – by Jim

Stark Light and Shadow

Snow mound in the late afternoon sun – by Ron

Beautiful play of light and shadow – low angle winter sun provides many opportunities for this type of photography.

Abstract Light and Shadow – by Ron