Nikka Yuko Garden

Nikka Yuko Garden in Lethbridge is a wonderful place for landscape and garden photography. We went there on May 15, 2017, a beautiful sunny day, and were lucky to catch the tree blossoms as well. Below the entrance to the garden, with strong leading lines. The camera was outfitted with a polarizing filter which brought out the beautiful contrast between the blue sky and the white fluffy clouds. We really lucked out!

Garden entrance – by Boomerette
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Below, a shot taken on the “causeway” towards the south, with a beautiful crab apple tree in full blossom, ISO 200, f/4, 1/250 sec, standard UV filter. A polarizing filter would have greatly enhanced contrast between the clouds and the blue in the sky. However, I like this shot because it focuses more attention on the content of the garden. This garden has so many opportunities for leading lines and symmetries in the still water of large pond.

Nikka Yuko Garden Lethbridge
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Inside the Japanese Teahouse there were some exquisite Japanese dolls on display.

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