Nov 12/19 Portrait Photography Basics

This session will be about the basics of portrait photography. We will talk about natural and artificial lighting setups. Lens focal length considerations, depth of field and background selection. As usual the first hour will be spent on submission reviews followed by a bit of theory. In the second hour you will have an opportunity to practice on a bronze bust and the two styrofoam heads in a variety of situations with black and grey backgrounds

Portraits with technical flaws.

We will be using up to three LED flood lights and a reflector. Have a look at the following cheat sheets from Digital Camera World. Click Here.
Here are some links that you might want to look at before Tuesday’s session.

Six simple lighting setups for portraits at home. Click Here.
Headshot Posing Guide. Click Here.
Portrait Lighting Patterns. Click Here.

Here are some interesting web resources for portrait photography

The page is now open for submissions.

9 Responses to Nov 12/19 Portrait Photography Basics

  1. Carla Bolen Anderson says:

    This was my favourite from our session today, taking the photo from below.

    • Henri says:

      A really interesting perspective Carla. It is amazing how different expressions you can get by changing perspective. Well done.

  2. Henri says:

    This is my favourite

  3. Henri says:

    A “half” detail run through a Photoshop filter (palette knife)

  4. Anita says:

    This is my favourite.

  5. della says:

    I like the drama of this lighting set up

  6. della says:

    back and side light

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