Nov 27/18 Practice – Fully Manual

This session will be about putting all of the elements we have learned together, by putting our cameras on fully Manual. For beginners it is a bit like learning to swim without a flotation device. First of all you need to think about three things simultaneously. Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO while watching the exposure (light meter) indicator.  The other secondary factors that come into play are metering mode, burst settings, flash and image type.

In the first hour we will do a review of last week’s  submissions, then proceed with a recap of the “Exposure Triangle” with the aid of a live demonstration on a few key props. This will demonstrate the trade off between the three major camera controls.

In the second hour you will be able to practice on the props. We will have a spinning globe and a colourful spinning top. Wanda the flashing light fish will be available on the zip line. There will be several props to practice depth of field, and if you are adventurous, you can experiment with the spot meter on back lit props.

Slow shutter speed example

Depth of Field example

Another Depth of Field Example


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