Oct 18, 2017 Session

October 18, 2017 will be a special “field trip” session at Terry’s backyard. This page will be open for posting after the event.

Here is the itnerary:

We will convene in Terry Lende’s backyard at 1 p.m. We will have some opportunities that are close to guaranteed and others that will be available as nature determines

Terry will have filled bird feeders so nuthatch, robins and other birds will be using the fast food on offer. As well, although the leaves are off the trees fall colours will still be present. Thinking always of composition possibilities everything from macro shots to wide angle to telephoto might be visualized by all of us. We are on the Bow river so shots of the water, and objects on the water, the opposite shoreline and beyond as well as the near shoreline could be captured. Some might want to start exploring ICM ( intentional camera movement ) style photography that provides some very pleasing artistic results. ICM is one of the areas we will be covering in our next session on Oct. 24. While we are in the yard a fun game will be played called “the finds” It is intended to cause we amateurs to starting seeing like the pros do. That is, looking with intent and noticing all that is in view not just the portion our regular brain function sees as note worthy.

There will be a small number of objects that when observed will immediately be recognized as being part of the game. You’ll photograph it along with all the others (the total number will be known in advance) and then come to either Jim or Bill quickly and prove the your “find” is complete by displaying them on your LCD. The first person to do so will win a great prize generously supplied by The Camera Store and will receive it in mere minutes of being declared the winner. In the case of a simultaneous declaration by both Bill and Jim a simple number guess will be used as the tie breaker

The second part of the field trip consists of a short walking tour along the shore ( water level is usually low at this time of year) if not via Bow Crescent to Shouldice bridge across the bridge and along the pathway to a lookout that supplies great viewing of the cityscape and beyond. This walk will afford sitings for shots of urban landscape, more angles of water and natural and human established flora.

It is recommended for those who have multiple lenses as well as any filters to have them with you as a wide variety of photography will be at your discretion

Please plan your travel so that you will be present at 1:00 p.m. This will ensure all of us can have Terry’s introduction to her home turf and  the details for “the find” explained thoroughly and not require any later repetition.

October 18, 2017 Photoshoot
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Bill handing the prize to Greg, the winner of the “Find” game.

Please post your pictures of the event below, others would like to see the results and “compare”.

10 Responses to Oct 18, 2017 Session

  1. Dave Arnold says:

    What a fruitful spot for photography ! Thank you Terry for inviting us there. Here is my rendition of a trout in the leaves. f5 at 1/1000 55 to 300 zoom set at 55. ISO 400

  2. Dave Arnold says:

    Leaves in the birdbath.
    zoom set at 86mm, 1 /1250 at f 7.1. ISO 400

  3. Dave Arnold says:

    Kona —- all eyes on Mom !

    Telephoto zoom set at 55mm. 1/1000 at f 7-1. ISO 400

  4. Dave Arnold says:


    185 mm. 1/2,500 at f 7.1. ISO 400

  5. Dave Arnold says:

    and now for something different —- Jim was setting up his neutral density filters for some deliberate movement shots. I thought I’d try and see what result I could get without such filters. The longest exposure I could get was 1/40 by setting aperture to smallest possible — f22 and ISO to lowest setting of ISO 100.

  6. Karen McDaniel says:

    Here’s a collage of a few nifty images that I took at Terry’s. They are all at different settings. Basically I played with Exposure Compensation because the light was changing so fast. Thanks for organizing this and a fun afternoon. Loved talking “camera” afterwards with warm libations! Thanks, Terry!

  7. Karen McDaniel says:

    whimsical images, anyway!

  8. Jim Springer says:

    I took one photo using a technique that I had called “Painting with light” then used PSE for a quick select, copy then paste Kona onto a separate layer. I makes Kona look like Superdog (except for the cape)!

  9. Ruth Mauel says:

    What drew me to this scene, was that the different angles of the tree and branches with the intense blue sky, created a natural frame.
    I can see a use for this picture, by inserting text into the center of the picture.

    ISO: 125, 1/800, sec. f/3.7, 26.28 mm

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