Oct 23/18 Session Halloween Fun Practice

The first hour of this session will be devoted to reviewing your photo submissions. Bill will give a short recap of the composition principles. For a preview of composition as applied to Nature Photography visit https://www.naturettl.com/photography-tutorials/

We will discuss examples of shutter preference and aperture preference in low light, as well as a discuss  how the images on this web page were taken.



Bill will also demonstrate how to hold your camera when you choose a slow shutter speed, as will be needed for some of the props in this session. https://digital-photography-school.com/how-to-avoid-camera-shake/ Of course real slow shutter speeds will need a tripod.

The new camera features that we will discuss in the first hour are “Metering”,”Bracketing” and “Continuous Shooting” modes.

The second hour will be practice and consolidation of what we have learned in the previous sessions. The practice props are on a “Halloween” theme, and quite a few of the displays will be in “Low Light” environments requiring slow shutter speeds. So if you have a tripod, you might want to bring it to this session although if you have steady hands it is not absolutely necessary.

Below two images using Aperture Preference. Left f/4 and Right f/22. However results are not always consistent, especially in high contrast situations such as this scene.


Metering modes – “Spot”, “Centre Weighted Average”, “Evaluative” and “Partial” –
For a full explanation of Metering Modes Click Here


Spot Metering                                                          Centre Weighted Average Metering


Evaluative Metering                                           Partial Metering

If you are not sure about proper exposure, use the Bracketing Feature of your camera. This mode will take 3 pictures at different exposure settings, insuring that at least one image will be properly exposed.  Click here for an article on “Bracketing”.

Continuous Shooting mode allows you to follow a moving target. We will practice this on the “zip line” with a “Witch on a Broom”

Here are some samples.

Witch Flyby


Here are some test results on Haunted Houses, caskets wit skeletons, and pumpkin lights.

Haunted House scene with two light sources against a curved beige background.
Cricut project designed by 3D-Cuts – Click to enlarge use Browser Back Button to return here.

Doctored with layers. Click to enlarge, use Browser Back Button to return here

Caskets with skeletons – Cricut Project – Design by 3D Cuts


Luminous Casket with Pumpkins

Haunted House arrangement.



Haunted House CriCut project – design by Dreamingtree
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