Oct 27/20 Cochrane Ranche

Man of Vision – HDR image

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  1. Henri says:

    Cochrane Ranche Sunset. 1/1600 sec, f/16, ISO 1000

  2. Henri says:

    Cochrane Ranche Sunset – Same image 1600 pixels wide. Click image to see full panorama, use browser back button to return to normal page.

  3. Diana says:

    SS 1/50; f10; ISO 100; Focal Length 107mm
    Big Hill Creek at Cochrane Ranche

  4. Diana says:

    Sunset starting at Cochrane Ranche
    SS1/6 sec; f36; ISO 100; Focal Length 232 mm

  5. Diana says:

    The Man of Vision sculpture at Cochrane Ranche
    SS 1/125; f8; ISO 100; Focal Length 100 mm

  6. Diana says:

    SS 1/20 sec; f8; ISO100; Focal Length 315 mm
    With this image I used a graduated filter to make the mountain and countryside darker than captured. The clouds seem to billow out of the top of the mountain.
    A filter was used to enhance the contrast in the clouds as well.

  7. Henri Walhout says:

    What it might have looked like in 1895. I obliterated the town of Cochrane with the Photoshop Clone Tool. Left the roadway in place. I imagine it could be the CPR rail line. Panorama stitched from two images.

  8. Henri says:

    Same image 1600 pixels wide. Click on the image to view it fully across the screen. Use back button to return here.

  9. Dwight Adams says:

    Due to access problems I could not make it to the Man with a Vision so here is my photo from the bottom. I was using my OMD EM5 with a polarizing filter that gives the darker sky and also using the sunset mode in the scene preset giving the warmer colours.
    iso 2001/125 f 6.3

  10. Frankie says:

    Going for drama. I liked the tiny bits of reflection on the edge of the statue. (They show up much better in the high-rez pic.)
    ISO 100, 129 mm, f/16, 1/1000 sec

  11. della says:

    1/50 f13 ISO 400 45mm

  12. della says:

    28mm f11 1/500 ISO 400

  13. della says:

    f11 1/100 68mm ISO 400

  14. della says:

    f11 135mm 1/40 ISO 400

  15. Frankie says:

    I liked the rich colours and textures and the red jacket.
    ISO 1600, 198 mm, f/32, 1/250

  16. Joe Horler says:

    The meadow neat the bridge at the entrance to Cochrane Ranche.
    Fujifilm X-H1 At 66mm. ISO 100; F8; Stoff 1/30 second.

  17. Joe Horler says:

    Oops. last image not re-sized — sorry Henri.
    This one of ice in the flowing creek adjacent to the entrance bridge
    ISO 100; F 5.6; SS of 1/25 second.

  18. Joe Horler says:

    Watching our Photo Group wander the Cochrane Ranche site and capture the changing light conditions were these “3 Deer on the Hill” in silhouette against the afternoon sky. Fujifilm XH-1 @ 128mm; ISO 100; F 5.6; SS of 1/80 second.

  19. Geoff Turner says:

    Creek by the bridge. Cropped
    1/160, f 6.3, ISO 400, 35mm

  20. Geoff Turner says:

    I liked the effect of the two flat rock surfaces. I tried to crop so there was 1/3 land and 2/3 sky, and also the other way around, but didn’t like it. I guess this is the “1/2 rule”?
    1/160, f 14, ISO 400, 80mm. Haze reduction in Photoshop.

  21. Geoff Turner says:

    1/250, f 22, ISO 400, 80mm

  22. Geoff Turner says:

    I was trying to get sunlight burst on the rider. The photo is cropped, and the horizon straightened. I was trying lighten the horse to give it some definition but to darken the sun so the rider’s head was not flashed out, and still keep the clouds and sky OK. I played around in Photoshop Elements with haze removal, Shadows/Highlights, and Levels. It was fun trying!
    1/400, f22, ISO 400, 20mm
    I’ll also post the original for comparison.

  23. Geoff Turner says:

    This is the original

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