Oct 30/18 Extra Beginner Session

The non scheduled CALL Digital Photography “Extra Beginner Session” was held on Oct 30 with 9 participants. The intent of this session was for each participant to get familiar with the controls of their camera while practicing Aperture and Shutter Preference on a series of prepared props.

All participants received a 2 or 3 page Manual Excerpt printout of their respective cameras. These reduced manual excerpts had specific instructions to operate the cameras in Aperture and Shutter Preference. Also included: how to configure for Auto ISO, Metering, Burst Mode and Review Zoom.  Bill and Henri were available to help during the practice session.

We found that a few cameras menus were configured incorrectly with respect to ISO, White Balance, Exposure Compensation etc. This made the camera operate unreliably when out of Auto mode. One camera had to be reset to factory condition to make it operate reliably. This turned out to be quite time consuming.

If anyone has comments, suggestions or pictures from this session, please post them below.


2 Responses to Oct 30/18 Extra Beginner Session

  1. Debra Sharpe says:

    I like the halo effect around the owlet. It was a lot larger image and quite sharp however after cropping and sizing I am not sure how it will look on the website. Shot this spring April 2018 near the Boat Launch area Fish Creek Provincial Park. F5.6 1/250 ISO 200

  2. Henri says:

    Well done Debra! All you have to figure out now is how to scale your images to 800 pixel wide. I really like the owl and I agree the white fringe is very effective. Lovely picture.

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