Painter 01

I have had Corel Painter X3 for a few years now, and am finally getting around to exploring the experience of traditional painting in digital format, using some of the images I have recently taken. The nice thing with digital painting is that you don’t have to deal with messy and potentially dangerous chemicals. It also allows you to experiment with different media and explore the possibility of creating the real thing on real paper or canvas with real water colors, oils or acrylics.

I like post processing my raw photographs and focusing on the “essence” of some of the objects that I photograph. I use filter and layer enhancements to isolate and enhance the objects. But there is something about physically sketching and painting an object, and learning about the intricacies of representing on paper or canvas. There often is an element of surprise when using pencil or paint, and sometimes a new very different object emerges out of nowhere.

I went out to the zoo last week to take some flower pictures in the conservatory. The plants  and flowers on display are spectacular. I took this image of a large hibiscus flower by using a technique called “Focus Stacking” to get the whole flower in focus.

Hibiscus – Calgary Zoo June 1, 2018
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Here is an attempt in Corel Painter X3 to capture the “essence”

Hibiscus – Painted with simulated oil paint – clumpy broad bristle
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