PE How to open Images

This is a quick tutorial on how to open images via the organizer or directly from the editor.

First opening from the organizer.

When you open Photoshop Elements you see this screen with 3 choices. Click the Organizer.

Once you have clicked “Organizer” you typically get to see the full catalogue of all your pictures sorted by date and time. Something like this:

To enlarge this image left click it. To return here click your Browser Back Button.

It is sometimes very difficult to find pictures in your catalogue, especially if you have many images. If you know where you have saved your image on your hard drive, click on Folders icon in the left tophand corner to see the directory structure on your hard drive. Then click on the sub-directory where you stored the file. (See the example below)

Once you clicked the image and see the blue check mark you can click the Editor icon on the bottom row, which will open the Editor with the image. Now you are ready to edit. Note: There are two methods for editing. In this course we will mostly use “Expert” mode.

Opening a file directly from the Editor.

In this case rather than opening the Organizer click on Photo Editor.

The blank Photoshop Elements Editor opens.

Click on the image to enlarge. Use Browser Back Button to return here.

Of course, in this case you have to know exactly where on your computer you saved the image. In this case it is located in the “Pictures” directory.

And you are ready to start editing. There are two editing modes. We use Expert mode.