PE Tourist Removal

Have you ever been at a beautiful site on a once in a lifetime holiday trip, and wondered how to get rid of tourists spoiling your pictures? Photoshop Elements has a great little utility to remove them without having to go to extraordinary lengths editing the original image. If you take two or more pictures of the same scene from the same vantage point, and wait a few moments while the tourists move from one spot to the next, you can, once at home, assemble multiple pictures in Photoshop Elements and get rid of most tourists by grafting the good pieces of one picture on top of the final image.

Consider these two images of the same scene. You can load both images in Photoshop Elements and activate the “Guided” utility called “Scene Cleaner” and remove the unwanted people from the scene. Of course if there are too many people covering up the background you are out of luck, but in this case it is easy.

You can load both images in Photoshop Elements and then graft the good piece over top of the “final” Image.

Note that sometimes you need to load more than two images to get rid of all the unwanted tourists. This makes the process a bit more complicated. But in essence it is the same principle.

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