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Here are some photos I like by Dutch photographer Han Hulsebos. The commentary is mine. You can leave comments at the bottom of this page.


Carlile Cathedral England.
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This is a great example of Depth of Field and diagonal composition. Beautiful interior pictures can be made by carefully considering the main subject(s) and placing them in the 1/3 intersections. This image also has a diagonal aspect with the beautifully carved dark wood elements that are in-focus. The “Out of Focus” part of this image shows context and occupies the other diagonal half of the picture. The hint of the beautiful church organ makes you want to investigate this church further.

Wooden Gears – Openlucht Museum Arnhem Netherlands.
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Another great example of Depth of Field.  This picture also has a very nice dynamic range. The highlights still have discernible wood grain, there is also detail in the very dark areas. This image has more of a horizontal balance. The gear pegs are very dominant and bright in the middle portion of the image. The darker bottom and top portions frame the interesting bright curved part of this image. A nice study in brown-yellow.

Mechanical Detail at Cruquius Pumping Station Museum Haarlem Netherlands.
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I find this a beautiful abstract study with leading lines and interesting repeating patterns  Again this picture has excellent dynamic range, there is detail in all the tonal ranges. Interesting repeating patterns of three. The shiny metal lines lead the eye to repeating patterns of green and bronze. The bronze tone elements are framed by the horizontal rods at the top and the green cloverleaf castings at the bottom.

Colour contrasts, Green Street, Dingle, Kerry, Ireland.
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This is a nice example of street photography, colour contrasts and humor. Although the yellow and green colours are not quite complementary, the darker tone of the green frames the yellow gate nicely. I love the humor of the text on the gate. The red no-parking sign and the blue column and red trimmed shop window add complementary colour to liven up the scene.

Detail, Eiffel Tower, Paris, France.
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The Eiffel Tower, constructed between 1887 – 1889, is a beautiful example of the era of “rivets”. I marvel at how strong beams were constructed out of, what looks like relatively thin metal. Beams held together by millions of small metal plugs called rivets. I really like this picture for its strong leading lines and the contrast between the almost olive green looking paint job on the steel beams and the slightly out of focus fresh green tree foliage. The stone turret in the bottom 1/3 of the picture, between the trees, adds an element of mystery. The early Art Deco curled decorations accentuate the strong diagonal.

Ornate Fence, Lodz, Poland.
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I can’t imagine how much time this piece of metal work must have taken to design and manufacture. Obviously most of the elements must have been produced in a factory and put together on an assembly line. But still it is an almost baroque piece of art. I really like the symmetry of this image and the contrast between the cool silver tone of the fence and the warm pink – red tone of the brick structure behind it. This picture has a strong vertical balance between dark and bright background, and the slightly out of focus background accentuates the strong patterns in the fence.

North Sea sailing near Scheveningen, Netherlands.
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Although I like this image mainly for its abstract value, I like it also for its sense of distance and isolation through the feeling of having to totally rely on technology in a sometimes unpredictable hostile environment. I have personally been out on a tilting sailboat in somewhat rougher weather than is depicted here. The hint of the out of focus shoreline gives it for me a sense of distance and isolation. I like the strong lines  that form the base of an implied triangle. The wheel that regulates the cable tension on the mast is well situated against the waves of the sea, and the washed out reflections in the right hand side of the picture balance the dark tones of the wheel.

Manhole Cover – Kingstreet, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, England.
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Often it pays to look down and see patterns and details. In this case tiny lettering detail on a manhole cover, showing civic pride and love of history. I am sure the city paid a premium price for these castings. I like the colour contrast between the dark cast iron and the pink granite pavers. Even on rainy dull days there are lots of interesting subjects to be found. It is a matter of going out and training your eye to see the opportunities. If you enlarge the pictures you can get a lesson on Norfolk and Suffolk nautical history.

Alcoa Plant Valves, North Brabant, Netherlands.
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Industrial manufacturing plants are primarily about functionality, not art. Yet there are often strong artful design elements to be found in these environments. It takes skill to recognize these patterns in the jumble of functional structures. This image was taken before the era of digital media. With film you had to be more careful when considering the elements in your frame. I like the strong almost harsh vertical lines coming down towards the valves. The harsh chrome contrasts with the soft almost velvet dispersed light coming off the silver paint on the valve castings. The black hand wheels form a slight diagonal line towards the main “in-focus” subject, which is placed in the bottom right 1/3 of the image.

Danish Crankshaft, Silkeborg, Midtjylland, Denmark.
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A beautiful piece of craftsmanship, and a piece of art in its own right. A fusion of cast iron, brass and steel combined to exact tolerances. I like how the crank offset is placed in the upper 1/3 of the image. A feast of leading lines and details for the eye to absorb. The colours of the brass, red paint and and pale blue of the steel components complement each other. The subject is well lit with a dark background, an almost perfect setting to bring attention to all the detail and essence of this piece of machinery. A beautiful piece of engineering from the era of industrialization.


Manhole Cover, Bergen, Norway.
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I find this image interesting for the contrast that is created by the lower angle of the sun. The low angle makes sharp shadows that provide contrast on the ridges in the cover’s bas relief casting. I don’t know if that was because of an early morning or the combination of morning sun and high northern latitude. Time of day can make a huge difference in photography.

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