Reader Rock Garden – Summer 2021

This web page is an invitation to the CALL Digital Photography group to photograph the Reader Rock Garden this Spring and Summer. Due to the pandemic restrictions we cannot go out as a group so we are suggesting you go visit the garden individually and adhere to the Covid restrictions while photographing the flowers and grounds. This web page will stay open for submissions all summer. I intend to go and do some landscape and macro photography and discuss some of the technical detail in my submissions below. We will discuss the images on an ongoing basis during our Zoom meetings this summer season. If there are a lot of submissions we might schedule additional Zoom meetings to discuss the images, in-camera techniques and post processing.


39 Responses to Reader Rock Garden – Summer 2021

  1. della says:

    tried using wide apertures on a cloudy day, It actually hailed a little ,
    ISO 320 f3.2 105mm 1/1250

  2. della says:

    another one with shallow depth of field
    ISO 320 105mm f4.5, 1/640

  3. della says:

    on the sam e day f3.2 1/1000 105mm ISO 320

  4. della says:

    on a sunny day , the subject is not the most appealing but I like the iridescence
    this is a composite of 6 images
    ISO 800 1/800 f13 105mm

    • Henri says:

      Stunning shot. I am amazed at all the detail you got with focus stacking. Did you use a Macro lens ? How close were you ? I find it very difficult to capture moving insects. How long did the fly sit still ?

      • della says:

        I used a Nikon macro lens . I kept moving closer and the fly was co0operative. I used the last 6 ones closest to the fly

  5. tony campos says:

    Taken May.28 at Reader Rock Garden
    ISO 125, f/6.0, 1/320

  6. tony campos says:

    Another pretty flower at RRG May.28
    ISO 500, f/6.3, 1/800

  7. tony campos says:

    And yet another… May28, RRG
    ISO 500, f/6.3, 1/800

  8. Paul Fesko says:

    Evening sun on backlit ferns taken on 2021-06-05
    1/1000s f6.3 ISO1600
    Edited in LR; Cropped, Whites, Blacks, Tone Curve, Contrast and exported

  9. Paul Fesko says:

    Stone pathway taken on 2021-06-05
    1/1000s f6.3 ISO6400
    Edited in LR; Cropped, Whites, Blacks, Tone Curve, Contrast and exported

  10. Paul Fesko says:

    Gate into the yard taken on 2021-06-05
    1/1000s f6.3 ISO4000
    Edited in LR; Cropped, Whites, Blacks, Tone Curve, Contrast and exported

  11. Beth says:

    Three lovely peony buds. Taken in the evening about 7:30pm.
    1/80 sec, f4.55, iso 1000

  12. Joe Horle r says:

    A few of us visited Reader Rock Gardens the morning ot Friday June 11th. I was shooting in RAW and JPEG. the latter with a purple-priority filter to highlight any purple tones in the images. The flower almost look like purple insects.
    Fujifilm T-3 w80mm macro lens. ISO 800/ F5.0/SS of 1/100 second.
    Processed in Luminar 4 (cropped and colour saturation increased).

  13. Joe Horler says:

    A few Boomer Artist photographers visited the Reader Rock Gardens on Friday June 11.
    Shooting with my Fujifilm X-T3 and an 80mm macro lens, set to capture a RAW image and “purple filtered” JPEG I got some interesting purple accented images.
    ISO 800/ F 5/ SS of 1/100.

  14. Joe Horler says:

    My second purple image really shows shallow depth of field evident when shooting up close with a macro lens. Captured with a Fujifilm X-T3 on tripod (in RAW and purple filtered Jpeg).
    ISO 800/ F 5.6/SS of 1/125 second.

  15. Terry says:

    Wow! Great idea. The tones work beautifully with the Iris.

  16. Diana says:

    A Friday morning visit to Reader Rock Garden. Weather was perfect; temperature comfortable; and the light was good.

    Bleeding Heart after a sprinkle or a rain. Settings for this were SS 1/125; f5.6; ISO 1250; Focal Length 49 mm. The image was cropped to provide a tighter composition.

  17. Diana says:

    There is more to see than flowers at Reader Rock Garden. Bees were busy doing their thing amongst the flowers.
    SS 1/200; f5.0; ISO 80; Focal Length 90 mm

  18. Diana says:

    There were beautiful Irises throughout the garden area.
    SS 1/125; f5.0; ISO 1000; Focal Length 99 mm

  19. Debra says:

    Experimenting with my 100-500mm lens that will also shoot macro when using 500mm. ISO 250, f 7.1, 1/320s. The image has been cropped. I like the dark background. June 10 @9:40 am with Joe, Dianna and Terry. The adjoining graveyard is also a good place to look for hawks. I saw a kestrel and heard a great horned owl. The place spooks me out though.

  20. Beth says:

    Waterfall at Reader Rock Gardens
    f4, 1/58 sec, is0 320

  21. Beth says:

    Sorry switch my pictures. The last one was taken f1.4, 1/80 sec. iso 2000.
    This spider looked like he was floating in midair, his web was so fine you could barely see it.

  22. Beth says:

    Solomon Seal, one of my favourite early spring flowers. The flowers are tine and hide under the stem.
    f4.5, 1/100sec, iso 320

  23. Henri says:

    Had a look at the Reader Rock Garden on the 29th of July. I found this portrait of the columbines that are blooming right now. Used my 70 – 200 mm zoom lens. f/10, 1/1250 ISO 1250 with aperture preference and 3 image bracketing plus minus 1 stop. I found that the minus 1 stop gave the best images against dark backgrounds.

  24. Henri says:

    Here is a version with the distractions taken out with the clone tool

  25. Henri says:

    Hollyhocks in the entrance flower bed. Taken with my 35 mm lens at f/5, ISO 1250, 1/2500 sec.

  26. Henri says:

    Twisted Apple Tree Branches. I highligted the twisted apple tree branches and cropped out the remainder of the tree. f/2.5, 1/8000 sec, ISO 1250. I could have brought down the ISO quite a bit, but forgot. No evidence of grain. The image was underexposed 1 stop and I used the levels tool to normalize the histogram and moved the center balance slider to the right to make the branches pop.

  27. Henri says:

    Reader Rock Garden – Daylily. Taken with a 70-200mm zoom. f/10, 1/1000 sec, ISO 1250. Post processed with levels tool and brightness adjustment

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