Sept 5-9/2018 Scavenger Hunt

From September 5 to September 9, Spruce Meadows will hold the Masters Horse Show Jumping event. Beyond the actual Show Jumping there will be many other activities such as the Lord Strathcona’s Horse Musical Ride, the Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery, The Royal House Cavalry, Dog agility demonstrations and competition, Marching bands and various Music Entertainment, Vintage Cars, Flags and pageantry. There are many opportunities to take interesting pictures in a variety of categories.

A scavenger hunt list will be mailed out to all Fall course participants on September 4, and you will be able to display your images for each of the categories on this page after Sept 9.

We encourage you to come out to this event, and just take pictures for the joy it. I plan to be out there on Saturday September 8 to take pictures that will be used in the first Digital Photography Course session on September 25. So if you would like to join me you are more than welcome. However, if you would like to do this on your own, you can do so at any time during the event.

Henri, Jim and Bill


  1. Henri says:

    Under the category “Prairie Dogs”, here is my contribution. It is fun watching these pets who are so eager to please and try their very best. f/13, 1/250, ISO 200. Even at 1/250 sec shutter speed still a slight blur. The intent was to hold the camera still and capture a bit of blur. You can see the grass is tack sharp.

  2. Henri says:

    This is a different approach. Moving the camera with the fast moving dog. While using the “Back Button Focus” techinique. I upped the shutter speed to 1/750 sec and opened the lens up to f/5.6. Even at 1/750 sec the grass is now blurry.

    • Karen McDaniel says:

      I like the power that comes through from the dog. That was a good technique.

  3. Henri says:

    Under the category “Horse Action”. I used the “Back Button Focus” technique again and had the focus target on the rider itself. I liked how the rider stayed sharp while the background ended up blurry. A lucky shot at f/13, 1/45 sec ISO 200, mainly thanks to the image stabilization of the 400 mm lens. From a composition perspective this is pure luck. I like the Rolex timer right next to the riders head, since this is a timed competition, as well as the diagonal black elements, and the red and green complementary colours. Again pure luck.

  4. Henri says:

    Under the category “Horse Details”. I really liked the display of living history performed by the “Steele’s Scouts” Riders of Alberta’s Proud Past. They were so keen on telling me what they were all about, and how life in Alberta was like 150 year ago. They were delighted in my interest in all the detail. I like this image from a composition perspective. The yellow leading lines pointing to the badge and the historic water/whisky bottle.

  5. Henri says:

    Under the category “Spectator Street Photography”. I struck up a conversation with this lovely young lady about her cute chihuahua which she carried around in its blanket. I like this image because of the nice colour contrast between the sweater and the blanket. (I asked her for permission to take her picture, which is important for all individual people pictures) The other elements that work in this image are the diagonals that point to the main subject elements. I was lucky that I had my camera at the maximum aperture f/4.0 so that the background was reasonably out of focus. The only distractions are the red elements in the out-of-focus stroller. This could be altered with photo editing software by using a selective de-saturation filter.

  6. Della Ho says:

    under Strathcona musical ride ISO 250 f8 1/500 70mm

  7. Della Ho says:

    Strathcona marching band ISO 500 1/200 f8 300mm

  8. Della Ho says:

    street scene -fireman competition ISO 500 1/100 f8 1/1000

  9. Della Ho says:

    horse action ISO 500 1/2000 116mm f8

  10. Della Ho says:

    horse action ISO500 1/4000 f8 90mm

  11. Della Ho says:

    marching band
    ISO 500 300mm f8 1/400

    • Henri says:

      Great composition Della. I like the sharp vertical split in the green background and the directional aspect of the marching band. The uniforms have great contrast even with the darker green. I also like how the red pant stripes are contained in the brighter green background, while the white accents and the bright brass instruments are contained in the dark green. Well done!

  12. Della Ho says:

    landscape ISO 250 f8 1/500 42mm

    • Henri says:

      Wow, what a great composition. I love the shadows of the dormers pointing to the lone rider. What a strong composition Della.

  13. Della Ho says:

    horse portrait, It was shaking its head. ISO 500 300mm 1/100 f8

  14. Della Ho says:

    horse and rider ISO 500 f8 92mm /250

  15. Della Ho says:

    sculpture, 105mm f8. 1/200 ISO 250

  16. Henri says:

    Under “Marching Band Details”, here is an instrument detail. I liked the reflections in the flared end of this brass instrument. From a composition perspective I like the distinct three bands of background texture with the strong in-focus subject standing out.

  17. Henri says:

    Under the category of “Marching Band Details”. I liked this composition for its contrast between the black and brass. And as a “street photography” subject showing a different aspect of “performance”.

  18. Henri says:

    Under the category “Sculpture Portrait or Detail”. I found it difficult to get a good sculpture portrait. The Spruce Meadows space is so crowded with distractions. I had to use the cloning tool to get rid of some of the distractions in this image.

  19. Henri says:

    I was disappointed that there were not more vintage cars, as I had seen in previous Spurce Meadows events. However there was one beautiful 1920’s or 1930’s fire truck on display. I really liked the brass fittings and details.

  20. Henri says:

    Under the category “Landscapes with interesting focal points”. Here is my attempt at creating interesting angles and focal points, framing the “landscape” in the arch.

  21. Karen says:

    I have really enjoyed looking at these pictures and eagerly await our first meeting! Very interesting interpretations!

  22. Dave Arnold says:

    Here is a fire fighter in the FireFit competition hauling a dummy comatose person to a safe spot as quickly as he can.

    • Henri says:

      Nice composition, good depth of field.

  23. Dave Arnold says:

    Colours as two competitors stand side by side

    • Henri says:

      Nice complementary colours including the upper background.