Silver Springs Botanical Gardens

Silver Springs Botanical Gardens, also know as the 2002 Birth Place Forest  is located on the east side of Silver springs along Silver Springs Gate and just south of the sound barrier wall along Crowchild Trail. There is limited parking near the baseball diamond, east of the shopping center and Silver Springs Drive. There is ample parking at the shopping center from where it is a short walk to the baseball diamond and the start of the path. Another access point is at the north west corner of the Gardens, on Silver Springs Crescent near the Mormon Church.



Sign at the beginning of the path (south side)

I visited the gardens today April 2, 2016. Still a bit early in the season, but there is already activity. Some prairie crocuses, possibly self-seeded, were very prominent


Siberian Squill


More Siberian Squill April 2, 2016


House Finches have been already here for weeks.


First Bee spotted April 2, 2016


July 1, 2016

I revisited the gardens, and what a difference! The “Old Post” garden, number 5 on the map was beautiful. I had a nice chat with one of the ladies who is responsible for this flower bed. A lot of tender loving care goes into this gem of a park! There is nothing like it in Calgary I think.


Silver Springs Botanical Garden – Old Post Flower Bed

July 22, 2016 Visited and walked the full length of the gardens. Gorgeous flowers many of them at their peak.


Rocket ligularia and hollyhock in the background


Lily in full bloom


Day Lily


Bees were busy harvesting Speedwell nectar and pollen