Winter 2018 Course

This Winter Course will mainly focus on digital image editing. This is not just about straightening and cropping your pictures. It is about what you can do with a set of basic and advanced software tools to significantly enhance and in some cases completely alter your images. We will start with some of the more basic editing tools and gradually move to more advanced tools. Part of the course will be image analysis and discussion on how to insure you take good images ( in camera) for later editing work. There will be at least one field trip to practice landscape photography.

Example of basic “clone tool” editing in photoshop
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Example of more advanced editing using layers, layer masks and blending.

Some of the more advanced tools we will explore are High Dynamic Range (HDR), Focus Stacking and Time Lapse photography. A more detailed itinerary will be posted soon.

Here is an time lapse example of our Christmas Amaryllis blooming. It was taken every 2 minutes over a period of 8 hours.