Winter 2020 Course

This winter course will focus on the software editing aspects of Digital Photography. The new course will go beyond the beginner courses we have offered in the past, and will be more about the artistic aspects of enhancing images in software. Although we will be using several software packages, the focus will be on Photoshop Elements and Lightroom. Each course session will typically consist of two parts. One hour of submission reviews and demonstrations followed by one hour of practical “hands-on” experience. A series of “photographic art experiments” have been prepared for the second hour of each session. These are of course voluntary assignments. The idea is to work on each experiment from “raw” camera image to finished print.

Session 1 “Levitating Orange”
Session 2 “Painting with Light”
Session 3 “Brush and Filter”
Session 4 “High Key and Low Key”
Session 5 “Light and Shadow”
Session 6 “Street Photography”