2023-04-02 PE Layer Blending

This page is currently “Under Construction”

This page is a demonstration example of blending two images together in Photoshop Elements. One image over exposed, with more detail in the much darker cave, and one correctly exposed but with less than ideal detail in the cave. We will be using a Layer approach to expose more detail in the cave while leaving the rest of the correctly exposed image the same.

Note: There is another method that is simpler and faster but more on that at the end of this demonstration.

The full resolution images are available for download in case you want to follow along step by step. Click here for access to the two images. You should be able to “right click” and select the download option. If you can’t please email me.

The detail comparison above shows the correctly exposed image before and after the blending operation, revealing more detail inside the cave. You can click on each of the images in this tutorial to open a full size version so you can read the text inside the bubbles. Click on the browser “back” button to return to this page.

First open the over-exposed image that shows more detail inside the cave. Then use the “Place” option under the “File” menu to insert the correctly exposed image over top

Notice the cross hairs

The image is not “Placed” until you hit the green checkmark.