2024-02-27 Symmetry

The challenge for the next two weeks is to create images that have symmetry. The world is full of symmetrical patterns. The object of this exercise is to capture these patterns in an artful way. For inspiration click here. For a more formal description of what symmetry means in photography click here.

To keep this website from filling up too fast, please upload images no larger than 1600 pixels wide or 1050 pixels high.

24 Responses to 2024-02-27 Symmetry

  1. Kim Symon says:

    Spray Lakes
    1/800, ISO 400, 37mm focal lenght, F/9

  2. Kim Symon says:

    Spray Lakes – a very still day
    F/6.3, ISO 400, 19mm focal lenght, 1/500 exposure.

  3. della says:

    attempt at symmetry, reflection of a glass ornament f13, 1/8 ISO 500 112mm

  4. Beth says:

    Picture taken in the South Serengeti, close to Ndutu. Taken with my 100-400 mm lens at 1/125 sec, f/13, ISO 500

  5. Beth says:

    Picture taken in Tanzania, not sure of exact location. Shot with my 100-400 mm lens at 1/100 sec, f/22, ISO 320

  6. tony campos says:

    Taken just before all the snow dump. Blurred background a little in gimp
    f/8.0, 1/250, iso400

  7. tony campos says:

    Attempt at symmetry using mirrors
    f/5, 1/100, iso400

  8. della says:

    Edworthy park bridge ISO 100 f6.3 1/1000 30mm

  9. Ron says:

    I’m joining Tony and Della with the bridge theme. Great minds think alike!
    ISO 250, f/18, 1/60.

  10. Ron says:

    ISO 400, f/18, 1/60.

  11. Pierre D says:

    What could be more symmetrical than this beauty. I stand to be corrected but I believe this is a Canadian Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly, perched on some Garry Oak in BC.

  12. Henri says:

    Went to the Zoo Conservatory today to look for symmetry in nature. 1/100 sec, f/6.3, ISO 1250. I was surprised how high I had to push the ISO to get reasonable Depth of Field. I ran this image through Topaz Denoise to get good results.

  13. Frankie Thornhill says:

    Symmetrical dog yawn
    ISO 1600, 50mm, f/6.3, 1/25th sec

  14. Dwight says:

    out with the dog saw this fence so ya. I removed the background, filled it with black straightened, and converted it to b+w.

  15. Debbie McCluskey says:

    Interesting assignment, what I thought was symmetry was not at all what I imagined. I found the simplest things made the best art symmetry. This was with my macro lens, on a mirror, with headlamp, with settings on manual, F5.6, 1/60 sec ISO set at 640 to reduce noise. Only cropped.

    What is this object?

  16. Henri says:

    Another leaf pattern from the Zoo Conservatory

  17. Nick says:

    f2.8, 1/80 sec., ISO 500

  18. Nick says:

    F/8, 1/250 sec., ISO 100

  19. Bill Stilwell says:

    I had permission to shoot this door but couldn’t wait until sun was more perfectly aligned. I promised to send a copy to my friendly neighbour and he replied he was admonished by his wife for not cleaning the winter grime off the horizontal edges.
    AI can only do so much was my response Haha.

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