2023-03-30 Tony’s Winter Landscape

This is a great winter landscape image by Tony, that I feel almost qualifies under the Abstract category. I will try to use the TOE photo evaluation system, although I am not sure if I can cover all the criteria with this image. TOE stands for “Technical”, Organizational” and “Emotional”

The evaluation below is just my opinion. I would like to encourage you to add your comments below, especially if you disagree.

Under Technical – Colour, Light, Exposure, Sharpness and Technique are evaluated.

The colour tones are predominantly cool, with dark blue-grey tree shadows, intermediate blue-grey shadow variations in the undulating snow and smaller highlights of white,
The tree trunks have some variation of grey-beige but are predominantly very dark brown.
The grasses add a minute amount of yellow-orange to the image

The light is predominantly harsh, probably mid day sun.

The image is a bit under exposed based on the darkness of the tree trunks, however this is probably done to show off the undulating nature of the snow, accentuated by the narrow shadows.

The image is not entirely sharp across the image with a minor drop-off in the very front and at the furthest tree trunks. Although I don’t find this objectionable at all.

Extra points are in order if the under exposure was done in-camera. With these harsh lighting conditions bracketing hedges the photographers exposure bets.

Under Organizational – Distractions, Space and Composition are evaluated.

Only minor distractions such as grasses and twigs are visible, they are natural and belong in this landscape. However from a “design” perspective they do distract.

The use of space is well utilized with the snow area slightly bigger than the forest tree trunk area.

I give the composition most points. It is the strongest element in this evaluation. There is a rhythm in this image. The shadows, the undulating snow and the tree trunks have a pleasing somewhat regular pattern. The larger space for the snow and shadows accentuates this area while the tree trunks are connected to the shadows and form a whole. The diagonal separation between snow and forest is well placed and gives a pleasing balance to this picture.

Under Emotional – Mood, Impact, Subject and Imagination are evaluated.

I am not sure with respect to this specific picture. The cool dark tones and the contrast make it maybe “harsh” – “cold”?

The strong contrast, rhythm and angular aspects make this image very impactful.

I would call this image more of an abstract than a landscape because of the limited number of elements and the strength and/or dominance of the tree trunks and shadows.

It takes an eye for design to spot this type of image. So I give high marks for this aspect.

Score : 8.5 – (4.5 for impact and 4 for technical execution)

Well done Tony !

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