2023-04-08 Library Interior by Tony

This is a great image of the interior of the Calgary Downtown Library. It almost qualifies under the Abstract category. This image captures the beautiful curved structural elements clad in richly toned woodwork. The photographers placement of the intersections of the curves gives this image a vertical balance and odd symmetry.

I will try to use the TOE photo evaluation system, although I am not sure if I can cover all the criteria with this image. TOE stands for “Technical”, Organizational” and “Emotional”The evaluation below is just my opinion. I would like to encourage you to add your comments below, especially if you disagree.

Under Technical – Colour, Light, Exposure, Sharpness and Technique are evaluated.

The dominant tone of this image is warm. The brown colours are illuminated by a strong white skylight as well as warm white accent lights. The skylight throws heavy shadows on the undersides of the woodwork creating strong curved lines.

The daylight streaming in from the skylight is predominantly harsh and over exposed. The woodwork softens the daylight considerably. Even the direct sunlight on the top tier of the woodwork is considerably softened.

The skylight is a bit over exposed. The woodwork in a few areas is under exposed. Exposure bracketing and processing through a software package will improve these aspects.

The image is sharp across the board.

It appears the camera light meter averaged a single exposure and the photographers attention was on composition only.

Under Organizational – Distractions, Space and Composition are evaluated.

Only minor distractions such as red signs near doorways. A dark piece of equipment at the centre bottom of the image could have been cropped out without losing any of the composition elements.

The use of space is well utilized all the main heavy architectural curved lines end in the center of the image.

I give the composition most points. It is the strongest element in this evaluation. The powerful curved structural elements come together in the middle of the image, giving it vertical balance. The darker undersides of the curves accentuate a repeating vertical pattern. The warm white accent lights add to the definition of the structure.

Under Emotional – Mood, Impact, Subject and Imagination are evaluated.

Awe inspiring, cathedral like feeling.

The strong contrast, repeating patterns and angular aspects in the centre make this image very impactful.

This image is more of an abstract than a building interior. The woodwork dominates and feels heavy, imposing.

This image requires less imagination, as the subject literally stares you in the face.

Score : 8 – (4.5 for impact and 3.5 for technical execution)

Well done Tony !

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