2023-08-15 Zoo Field Trip

Karen is organizing a CALL Field Trip to the Calgary Zoo. This is an opportunity for “unfettered” access after hours for photographers only. Below the write-up on the Calgary Zoo website

Calling all photographers!
FOCUSED presented by The Camera Store gives shutterbugs (ages 16+) exclusive access to Destination Africa from 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. You’ll capture stunning photographs of iconic wildlife from lemurs to western lowland gorillas and everything in between.

Photographers of all skill levels are welcome. The zoo’s Animal Care, Health & Welfare team is excited to share their passion for the animals they love and care for with our FOCUSED ticket holders. They will be creating some special enrichment and feeding opportunities for you to photograph. Your ticket includes admission starting at 1:00 p.m. so feel free to explore the rest of the zoo grounds before your exclusive access to Destination Africa.

When: Tuesday, August 15th, 2023

Where: Destination Africa

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. (includes day admission starting at 1:00 p.m.)

Ticket Pricing:

Member Price: $30 + GST (Engage and Inspire members only)
Non-Member Price: $50 + GST (includes day admission)

Note: You will have to buy your ticket in advance on the Calgary Zoo Website.

This page will be opened up for submissions on August 16, 2023

18 Responses to 2023-08-15 Zoo Field Trip

  1. della says:

    ISO 185mm f5.61/803200

  2. della says:

    lemur eating
    ISO 3200 125mm f14 1/320

  3. della says:

    I like the young zebra
    ISO 1100 330mm f5.6 1/500

  4. della says:

    the ostrich has unusual proportions

    ISO 1100 200mm f5.6 1/320

  5. della says:

    this crane was spooked by the young zebra
    ISO 1600 145mm f5.6 1/200

  6. della says:

    Hippo eating outside

  7. della says:

    young mom and baby gorilla
    ISO 3200 80mm f6.5 1/125

  8. Karen McDaniel says:

    Sleeping Penguin. Interesting to see how it was balancing.
    Shot in AP. F8, ISO 4000, S 1/800. FL 46 mm, CW Metering, Auto White Balance, Cropped only.

  9. Karen McDaniel says:

    Peacock showing off! Shot in AP. F8, ISO 4000, S 1/800. FL 400 mm, CW Metering, Auto White Balance, Cropped only.

  10. Karen McDaniel says:

    Lemur having a snack. It is all mine. Get your own! Shot in AP. F8, ISO 1000, S 1/560. FL 400 mm, CW Metering, Auto White Balance, Cropped only.

  11. Karen McDaniel says:

    Red Hog. I know there is a treat in there somewhere!! Shot in AP. F8, ISO 1000, S 1/125. FL 100 mm, CW Metering, Auto White Balance, Cropped only.

  12. Karen McDaniel says:

    African Crowned Crane acrobatics. Shot in AP. F8, ISO 800, S 1/125, FL 220 mm, CW Metering, Auto White Balance, Cropped only.

  13. Karen McDaniel says:

    Daddy Gorilla surveying the scene and having a snack! Shot in AP. F8, ISO 800, S 1/200. FL 155 mm, CW Metering, Auto White Balance, Cropped only.

  14. Joe Horler says:

    Diana and I also joined the Camera Store walk on Saturday afternoon. I am attaching a few of my images — all captured handheld with my Fuji XT-5 using a 55-140mm (crop) lens and animal tracking auto focus. Other settings manual.

    First image is of a giraffe outdoors ISO 200/F 3.2/ SS@1/320

  15. Joe Horler says:

    Nest up the Snow Leopard. Challenging to get this image I had to shoot through the marked up plexiglas. Processed in Luminar Neo to try and recover the natural colour.
    .ISO 1250/ F4.0 SS@1/250/

  16. Joe Horler says:

    Keeping with the cat theme here is the Tiger “in recline”. Cropped to 21×9 in Luminar Neo.
    ISO 2500/F 8,0/ SS@1/160

  17. Joe Horler says:

    The Red Pandas werE in their tree with nice sunlight from side and back.

    ISO160/ F5.0/SS@1/160

  18. Joe Horler says:

    And finally a Flamingo nicely featured amongst the grass.
    ISO1250/ F6.4/ SS@1/250

    Likely I won’t make the meeting (Unless it rains and my golf is cancelled). Diana and I enjoyed catching up with Beth while on our walkabout on Saturday.

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