2023-08-31 Heritage Park

This challenge is open for 2 weeks until Sept 14.

After last night’s thunder storm and the not so stellar weather forecast, only three of us met up at the Heritage Park gate. We had a great morning for photography however. The park was almost empty, and we had the demonstration venues basically to ourselves. What a great opportunity for portrait photography!

Below are the links to the content pages where you can post your images.

1: Portrait or Street Photography.
2: Landscapes.
3: Architecture and/or associated details.
4: Transportation and associated details.
5: Farm life, animals, implements and details.

For me, one of the more difficult aspects of photography is portrait photography, especially when it involves street photography where you have to ask permission. Heritage Park offers an excellent opportunity for this type of photography with willing subjects in period costume often eager to oblige photographers.

There are many opportunities for landscape photography in Heritage Park. Let’s hope for nice puffy clouds with blue background skies.

One of my fascinations with Heritage Park is the steam train that runs around the park. There are many backgrounds it can be photographed against. Also, there are many railroad details available in and around the “roundhouse”. Railway days are also a great opportunity to photograph live demonstrations.

And then there are the farm animals that offer all kinds of photography opportunities.

If you can’t make it this Thursday, you can go at your leisure. The web pages will be open shortly and will remain open for submissions until after “Railway Days” Sept 9 and 10.