2024-05-28 Carburn Park

Nick and I had an enjoyable morning walk through the park. I did not bag any warbler pictures and only saw a brief flurry of yellow. Not enough time to get my camera up to my eye. However we find the Lewis Woodpecker, conveniently in a tree right next to the washrooms.

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  1. Henri says:

    Nick spotted the Lewis Woodpecker right away, at the end of our walk through Carburn Park. 500 mm, 1/2000 sec, f/9, ISO 3200. Post processed in Adobe Photoshop mainly with levels tool, Cropped about 20%

  2. Henri says:

    Landscape with strong leading lines. Carburn Park lookout towards Sue Higgins bridge. 35 mm lens, Post processed in Photoshop Camera Raw.

  3. Nick says:

    I do not have a birder lens, longest I own is a 300mm, and not a great one at that. So quite a bit of cropping needed to get the specs of some of the birds posted here. And, since there were only the two of us, I will take the liberty of posting more than the customary 2 photos. Firstly, Henri here is the warbler (I think) and thanks for the birder 101.

  4. Nick says:

    That popular woodpecker that all those people were milling about to photograph

  5. nick says:

    Not sure what this little fella is called.

  6. nick says:

    Not sure what this grandfather is up to

    • Karen Sandra McDaniel says:

      House Sparrow

      • Nick says:

        Thanks, Karen. But this one I knew! As I have suggested in the other photo section, I like to shoot photos that tell a story. This sparrow tells a story. Clearly, a modern father this little sparrow. Such an innocent. He reminded me of my own introduction to fatherhood. I am of an era when the father smoking a cigar in the waiting room was in the process of being passe. Fathers were to get involved beyond the obvious and relatively short participation in the process. What an innocent, I was. Like this here sparrow. I was to, and did, attend the 6 week Lamaze course with Lidia. You know! For support I had assumed. But no! The instructor insisted I get down on the floor and practice the excises along with Lidia. “But I will not be giving birth!”, I protest sheepishly . “You will be the coach and need to know how it should be done”, she says. I got into it. I got stoked, in fact. Time came. Not smoking cigars in the waiting room. No sir! Right there I was, amidst the action bedside in the delivery room, coaching like mad. At this point in the story you should know Lidia decided to go natural, no epidural. Not her fault. It was her first pregnancy. “Breath, Lidia. Breath! Like this…huuuuu! haaaaaa!” Lidia: “Shut up! Get the hell out of here! This is all your fault.” I should have taken the 12 week Lamaze course.

  7. nick says:

    Not a woodpecker, that I know.

    • Henri says:

      Nice composition Nick. I like the diagonal branch and the strong depth of field effect. The robin really stands out. I would have cropped the right hand side to make the diagonal stronger.

  8. nick says:

    I like the reflection in the water

  9. nick says:

    I was told by a wise photographer, when shooting something in front of you, do not forget to look behind you. And sorry for the flurry of photos.

  10. Paul Fesko says:

    I couldn’t make it at 0930 but went to Carburn later in the day.

    • Henri says:

      Lovely composition of a protective mother duck with her brood. I like the balance between water and shore, and the line-up of the ducks along the dividing line.

  11. Paul Fesko says:

    Carburn close to supper

  12. Paul Fesko says:

    Carburn 3

  13. Paul Fesko says:

    Carburn 4

  14. Henri says:

    Nestbuilding sparrow. Used AI to remove a bullrush leaf to frame the bird better.

  15. Henri says:

    Different angle

  16. Della 朱世芸 Ho says:

    Went to Car burn as I was away last week
    yellow warbler at her nest ISO 1000 195mm f9 1/200

  17. della says:

    cos bird at Carburn Park
    ISO 1000 195mm f9 1/200

  18. della says:

    cow bird at Carburn Park
    ISO 1000 195mm f9 1/200

  19. della says:

    yellow warbler ISO 1000 400mm f9 1/400

  20. tony campos says:

    I was late arriving at Carburn Park and never saw Henri although covered the whole park. Just managed a few shots.
    f/6.5, 1/1250, iso100

  21. tony campos says:

    f/6.3, 1/1250, iso1600

  22. tony campos says:

    A visitor
    f/6.3, 1/1250, iso-1100

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