2024-05-21 Birds

The photo challenge for the next two weeks is to photograph birds. Anything goes,

Please keep images at or below 1600 pixels wide and 1050 pixels high.

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  1. Robert says:

    Orange headed Black Bird ?? in the Cattails at Frank Lake on a rainy dreary day.
    Nikon D3500 ISO 220 70–300@300mm f/6.3 1/500sec

    • Henri says:

      Nice image, I like the uniform background, and the consistent pattern of rushes. The bird itself contrasts nicely. However, the image is underexposed. Here I have fixed the exposure

  2. Bill Stilwell says:

    This hummingbird image received what I call severe editing to declutter all the background. SS of 1000 was still not fast enough to not show some blurring of the wings and a bit of the tail feathers.
    I like the sharpness from the breast to the beak however.
    Luminar 4 using clone and erase features

  3. Bill Stilwell says:

    Here is the same shot using the free online app called Photoroom. The first posting was done courtesy of Henri after I tried with no success due to its format ( .2jg )
    Much less time involved

    • Bill Stilwell says:

      I don’t know what happened but it has a off white background on my computer but this as we see is black.

  4. Joe Horler says:

    Following up on the conversation about “where the birds are”, we went “Owl Searching” and were rewarded by finding three owls sitting along a tree branch (one parent and two growing owletsP. Backlit subject above us and to the southwest we were shooting with tripods. Fuji XT-t ISO 2500/ F 7.1/ SS@1/800

  5. Joe Horler says:

    Now a photo of junior or miss peering down at us.
    Tripod at sharp angle upwards with Fuji 100-400mm lens at 400mm(crop).
    ISO 320/ F 5.6/ SS@1/500sec

  6. Karen Sandra McDaniel says:

    First sunny day today and I visited two great flower gardens – Reader’s Rock and Silver Springs. Highly recommend visiting both places. The colors are amazing and I saw Chipping Sparrows at both gardens. The fellow was cropped and sharpened. He was all right with both processes!

    • Karen Sandra McDaniel says:

      Forgot the settings. Shot in AP – F6, S 1/1600, ISO 2500, Focal Length 400mm, Auto WB, Matrix Metering (Left over from shooting lacrosse in an arena!)

  7. Henri says:

    Lewis Woodpecker – Carburn Park

  8. Henri says:

    Lewis Woodpecker in flight. Taken with a 500 mm zoom lens at 1/2000 sec, f/9, ISO 4000. Enhanced in Photoshop Camera Raw, Denoised, Sharpened, Colour enhanced with vibrance and saturation sliders.

  9. Nick says:

    I am all birded out. A couple of Archive photos for this section…at the zoo in March. The bird perched not more than four feet away and stared me down. Let me take all the shots I wanted and he (she?) stared right on as I walked away. Bird ‘one’, man ‘zer0’.
    F/2.8, 1/250 sec., iso 250

  10. Nick says:

    Grand Falls, New Brunswick some years ago while touring the Atlantic provinces (and visiting friends). F/8, 1/250 sec., ISO 100. Cropped about 50% to emphasize horizontal elongation

  11. nick says:

    …and the photo

  12. Karen Sandra McDaniel says:

    The other day, I went on a birding adventure to Frank Lake and The Carseland Weir. We saw 56 species of birds! There were lots of pelicans and cormorants at the Weir and a few unusual pelicans. You know about the breeding bump that they get on their beaks, but there were also some with black on their heads and necks. I wondered if they were a different species but, no! My bird book told me that after they have finished breeding they can get black/grey on their heads and necks. Here is a picture of one of these pelicans. It goes away when they have their spring molt. Picture has been cropped and sharpened. AP: F14, S1/800, ISO 1000, Auto WB, CW Metering

  13. Debbie McCluskey says:

    First camping trip to Gull Lake. We were surrounded by yellow warblers and they were building their nests as the week progressed. We were serenaded all day – it was such a treat. But small quick birds and leaves, make for lots of leaf pictures. This was taken with my 300 lens, F5.6, 1/1600 ISO 320.

  14. Pierre D says:

    This is the same Lewis woodpecker a Henri caught, but lighting came out well.

    • Henri says:

      I really like this composition. An somewhat uniform pattern of leaves and branches. The bird is nicely framed between dark strongly contrasting branches.

  15. Paul Fesko says:

    Red-necked Grebe at Ralph Klein Park (2024-06-01)

    1/2000s, f7.1, ISO400
    Edited in LR, Sharpened in Topaz Photo AI

    • Henri says:

      Beautiful lighting. Love the reflection and the colour contrast between the orange and the green reflections in the water.

  16. Della 朱世芸 Ho says:

    Lincoln sparrow Carburn ISO 100 1/1250 f9 400mm cropped

  17. della says:

    Gadwall at Carburn ISP 1000 f9 1/1500 400mm , cropped

  18. Bill Stilwell says:

    Yellowheaded blackbird on a slough north of Hwy 549 on 192 St. W. Patience with bird photography is a requirement but with the breeze coming toward the camera this was a rare opportunity to catch this image with the head toward the camera.
    Cropped and auto coloured adjusted in Mac Preview.

    • Bill Stilwell says:

      This was shot with a APS-C 55-210 telephoto lens set to 210 (300mm equivalent ) with clear image telephoto setting to 1.8 X on the Sony A-6000 camera. This is Sony’s proprietary interpolation scheme that works better than digital zoom.

  19. Bill Stilwell says:

    This Rhea was completing circles every 50 to 60 seconds in the Calgary Zoo. How fortunate I felt when on its 5th pass it stopped to take a gander at me.
    Cropped and auto coloured adjusted in Mac Preview.
    F 22, ss 1/60, with Sony APS-C 55 -210 lens set at 210 ( equivalent to 300 mm )

  20. Doug Stewart says:

    This challenge happened to coincide with a trip down to Point Pelee National Park on the north shore of Lake Erie to see the annual spring bird migration. The prothonotary warbler is quite rare in Canada as it nests in Carolinan forests such as those found in the park. Sony RX-10, 500mm, f4, 1/1000 sec, ISO 640. Denoised in Topaz Photo AI.

  21. Doug Stewart says:

    Common Yellowthroat, also in Point Pelee National Park. Sony RX-10, f4, 1/100sec, ISO 1250, 600mm. Denoised in Topaz Photo AI.

  22. Beth A Hetherington says:

    Went out to Dale Hodges wet land looking for birds. I am very bad at knowing the names of birds. So to me this is a little orange bird shot at f/9, 1/125 sec, ISO 250.

  23. Beth A Hetherington says:

    And a little yellow bird shot at f/9, 1/125 sec, ISO 250. I was using my 100-400 mm lens.

  24. sue says:

    Cedar waxwing that I saw on Paskapoo Slopes this morning as I was looking for orchids.

    Taken with my iphone.

  25. tony campos says:

    f/7.1, 1/800, iso-200

  26. tony campos says:

    After take-off…
    f/7.1, 1/800, iso-200

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